Linear Day Book



For this project, I made a book about a normal day for myself. I used simple shapes to give it a cartoon look because I watch lots of cartoons throughout the day. The first page has a skull in it because I usually feel dead in the mornings. In the next page, I have a coffee and a smile on my face because coffee wakes me up. The next page shows me at work and how I feel when I’m lonely, but the page after that has a fox and Pikachu to symbolize my friends since they make me happy after a long day of working. The next two pages show me in bed listening to music because that is how I like to end the day.

I uploaded the pictures of my book to Photoshop and made it black and white. I changed the levels to bring out the lights and darks.


Project 3

Project 3 print

                                             Adobe Photoshop, 660×238 pixels, 2015

“Transparency is a fascinating and seductive principal.” “When used in a conscious and deliberate way, transparency contributes to the meaning and visual intrigue of a work of design.”

Journal #4

Journal 4.2Journal 4

For this drawing, I decided to use Main Gate A as my location. I used varying line weights depending on the distance to give the drawing more depth. I used primarily geometric lines for the buildings and organic lines for the trees.


Time Management:

Monday: 1 hour for Foundations, 2 hours for Visual Communications

Tuesday: 2 hours for Foundations

Wednesday: 1 hour for Foundations,

Thursday: 2 hours for Foundations

Friday: 1 hour for Visual Communications, 2 hours for Foundations

Saturday: 3 hours for Foundations



Stupefy – astonish and shock

For this landscape, I chose the word stupefy. In order to express this concept, I placed an image of two people standing in a field while staring at an image of a close up Mercury. This is a sight that is impossible from Earth, so anyone would be shocked. The best thing about this image, in my opinion, is how I was able to blend all the pictures in smoothly and make it all feel like one image and not multiple images blended together.

Abstract Animation Idea

For my abstract animation, I am going to take a small portion from Deftones’ “U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, B, A, Select, Start” and use different shapes to represent the drum beats and different colors to represent the guitar pitches. The colors will change from black to white as the pitch increases. Circles will represent the bass drum, squares will be the snare drum, and triangles for the cymbals.

Spacial Translation with Shapes


                                                                                                                                                                                         Adobe Photoshop, 24″x32″, 2015

Guns and hunting have important significance in my life. My family has owned a gun store for two generations, so I grew up around them. This is why for this project, I decided to use my grandfathers old clay pigeon thrower, which he used many times throughout his life to both practice hunting and to show others the joys of shooting guns even if you’re not hunting. Continue reading “Spacial Translation with Shapes”