Journal #1

Time Management

Innovation is the key to success in most areas of society and business. Some may argue that invention is more important, but invention is worthless without having a purpose for it. This is where innovation comes in. Electricity is a worthless invention if there is no use for it so innovators came together and found new ways to use it for practical use, which is why electricity is so prevalent today. This example can be used for many other great inventions, such as the automobile and the internet to name a few.

In Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” he talks about how great leaders, like Martin Luther King Jr and Steve Jobs, were able to innovate and inspire in a successful way. He uses the Golden Circle to illustrate this as they were saying why they do what they do instead of what they do. In doing this, he also explains why innovators such as TiVo failed, as they focused more on the “what” instead of the “why.”

I believe Sinek to be correct and accurate in his presentation and that his way of thinking can go into almost any area of life. Instead of asking yourself what needs to be done, you should ask yourself instead why it needs to be done. Asking what is only repeating to yourself the obvious of what should be done. Asking why will help you understand better your goals and what the solution is. The same could be said in the world of art. Asking why before what will result in a better understanding of what your finished product will be and better reflect your goals in making it. These are important questions that anyone who wishes to be successful should live by.


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