Point and Line

Digital Interp
         Adobe Illustrator, 10500 x 9225 pixels, 2015
  Acoustic guitar, nails, yarn, 1.5’x3′, 2015

In Maggie Macnab’s “Design by Nature,” she states that “Design personifies the genesis of your origins—energy and matter—by transforming perceptions into real-world results” and that your life is “understood and responded to according to how you perceive the world presented around you.”

Ever since I was young, music has been an important part of my life. It influences most everything I do. For this piece, I recreated my name on a guitar as a metaphor to represent who I am. The yarn that makes up my name is used to represent guitar string because I am one with the guitar when I play it. The points are a circle to represent the tuners at the top of the guitar, which shows how the guitar keeps me in tune with myself. The square boxes around the circles have a grainy texture and contrast the yellow surface of the guitar.


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