Throughout the history of animation, many different styles and techniques have been utilized in order to achieve a finished and desired result of a video. Full animation is a technique that is done by drawing each frame by hand and is considered a long and tedious task that takes many months or years to complete a motion picture. Throughout the 1910’s, Winsor McCay made 10 animated films using full animation and became famous with “Little Nemo” and “Gertie the Dinosaur.”

For this flipbook project, I chose Winsor McCay to imitate. To prepare, I watched “Gertie the Dinosaur,” “The Sinking of the Lusitania,” “Little Nemo,” “How a Mosquito Operates,” and “The Flying House.” I got much of the design of the dinosaur in my animation draws inspiration from Gertie the Dinosaur. I added the word frames in my animation to imitate how McCay would order Gertie to do various tasks. In frames ten through nineteen, I make my dinosaur nod his head. This is similar to when Gertie nods her head up and down to signify her bowing to the audience. I got smooth motion in frames one through six and frames thirty five through forty seven. I achieved this by making the image move in constant increments. The motion was less smooth in frames ten through nineteen. I can make this smoother by keeping the head the same shape and using more frames to nod. The character design was difficult in that I had to attempt to draw the same thing over and over again. I will make this easier by making a drawing of the dinosaur and using that as a template for all the frames that feature it. In frame twenty eight, the dinosaur is spreading its legs as it jumps, which appears to be slightly unclear. I can correct that by making the spreading of the legs more gradual and over a few more frames. To create the shocked look, I opened the dinosaur’s mouth and put lines outside of its eye. I believe it to be successful in making it look shocked. I can make it look even more shocked by making the shocked look I already gave it more prominent.

For the final animation, I create a template for the dinosaur and I used a straightedge to make the ground to make it easier to animate. The head nod in frames seventeen through twenty-five is much smoother. In frames one through ten, the dinosaur squatting is much smoother as well.


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