Spacial Translation with Shapes


                                                                                                                                                                                         Adobe Photoshop, 24″x32″, 2015

Guns and hunting have important significance in my life. My family has owned a gun store for two generations, so I grew up around them. This is why for this project, I decided to use my grandfathers old clay pigeon thrower, which he used many times throughout his life to both practice hunting and to show others the joys of shooting guns even if you’re not hunting. An element of design in this project is shapes. Many of the images are rectangles, which symbolize rigidness and stability. This is to show that firearms and related paraphernalia that keeps society stable, a belief my family holds in high regard. I put triangles in between the images to symbolize a goal of getting better with shooting, with a graphic image of a clay pigeon on top of it to better reenforce this idea.


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