Journal #8


For this project, I used Fabriano Watercolor paper and charcoal pencils. I started by drawing the outline of the chair and all the folds in it. After that, I marked where all the stripes were and filled in the colored ones, taking into account atmospheric perspective. When I finished that, I filled in all the shading and created shadows to make a finished work.

Political Poster



Trickle down economics was the economics policy popularized in the 1980’s by the Reagan administration. The goal of it was to give tax cuts to the rich so that the money would trickle down to the poor. It has been discredited time after time since and I wanted to convey that with this poster using suprematism style.

9 Lives on a T-shirt


                                                   11″x8.5″, Adobe Photoshop, 2015


                  T-shirt, Lumi Printing Kit, 2015

Flow is how your eye moves across a page so that the viewer will see something in an order that you want it to and create a feeling of movement. In this design, there is strong vertical flow. I made the cat to be primary optical area of the design, with the text as a strong fallow area and my face to be a terminal area in the design. The cat represents my recklessness, with the text “9 Lives” supporting it. I placed a small image of myself underneath it to help show that this is who I am, which creates scale change and harmony. The white space in the design allows it to breath and not give the viewer too much to look at. After the design was created, I used my Lumi Printing Kit to place the image onto a t-shirt.

The Striped Chair


Creating a three dimensional object is an important skill for any artist to be able to accomplish. In order to make an object on a flat surface three dimensional and create atmospheric perspective, an artist sometimes has to exaggerate what is already there. For this project, it would be the lighting. If looking at the stripes on the chair in person, they may look like the same shade of gray, but to achieve a 3-D look, the lines closer to the viewer must be darker and the ones father away must be lighter.


I went back and fixed my drawing after our critique. I added more shadows to the right side and I made the atmospheric perspective less extreme.