Glitch Art – Daniel Temkin

Glitch art is a form of experimental art that manipulates files and presents them in a unique way. Daniel Temkin is an example of an artist that specializes in that. In much of his work, he uses coding and programming to make works that break the barrier of what they are normally used for. In one instance, he uses a language where code is read as a MIDI file and creates music out of that. He designs an esolang by first coming up with a question or idea to explore. For his Entropy language, he explains that he “wanted a language that would force programmers to get it wrong, to approximate, to write something that could never work exactly the way they want.” He wishes to create an environment that is unique where it should be clean and precise. He also rewrote the Eliza program in the Entropy language which created what he calls “Drunk Eliza.” It repeats the same stock phrases used by the original chatbot, but random letters are replaced so that it “changes from DRUNK ELIZA to perhaps DRQOK ELIZA to DSPOK ELIYB and so on, becoming less and less recognizable.” In another work, Light Pattern, he uses a language to communicate to a computer using photographs instead of text. The photographs change in color and exposure to visualize “Hello World!” This is another example of how programming is used in a new and unique way. Glitch art can take various forms and be created in different and unique ways. Daniel Temkin utilizes this to create defining works of art that push how programming and coding can be used.


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