Final Mask

This mask was made using primarily Bristol Vellum and tape. I wanted to design this mask in a way that was both anarchistic and useful, with it still being contoured to my face. I took inspiration for this mask mostly from the anime “Tokyo Ghoul,” where one of the protagonist’s eyes is covered up.

My intention for this drawing was to convey a realistic look and to show high contrast. The high contrast with areas of pure white and pure black show a hard light that is being placed on the mask. It also helps give a three dimensional look to the drawing that makes it pop off the page. I decided to show a front view in my drawing since that is where the highest contrast could be shown. I believe myself to be successful in drawing a realistic portrait that is three dimensional.

When I came into the Digital Media and Animation program at Alfred State, I was eager to become an artist and learn how to draw. I didn’t take many art classes in high school and was a poor drawer. My aunt is the art teacher at my school and convinced me my senior year to take photography. This is where I learned about digital art and my interest was peaked. I also wanted to learn a trade that is creative, instead of a science or math based job since I know that isn’t who I want to be. After reflecting on the mask drawing, I can confidently say that my skills as an artist are improving. When I look around at my fellow student’s art work, I don’t feel as confident, but it is definitely better than it was at the beginning of the semester. I aspire to become an animator for cartoons after I am done with college. I want to show children the visuals that I was awed at during my childhood in a new and creative way that will also help push the medium forward. I am very happy to have gone into this program and cannot wait to learn more and improve myself.


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