Journal #1

For my journals, I want to study how to draw hands and make it proportional to the rest of a body. Since last semester, I have improved much on understanding proportions and getting the forms of objects, but I cannot draw a decent hand. Each week, I am going to do at least three drawings of my or someone else’s hand the best I can while applying what I have learned in class and research I’ve obtained. I will draw them in various positions and with different muscle types. I will also do research on the topic and post what I find in my journal. By the end of this semester, I will be able to draw a pair of hands on a person that is proportional to their body.

Growing up, I often read comic books and manga for leisure, as well as the Sunday comic strips in the newspaper, and I believed I knew what a comic is. After reading chapter 1 of “Understanding Comics,” my definition of comics has expanded tremendously to include works ranging from ancient Mexican paintings to modern diagrams. As artists, it is important for us to understand most, if not all, the different kinds of mediums and styles that pop up throughout history and today.

After reading chapter 2 of the reading, the way I think of comics has expanded. Comics can be of various art styles and are oftentimes simplifications of concepts.


This is a blind contour and wire frame of Michael Vok.


A caricature of myself.


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