FLoW3R, the Robot

FLoW3R is a robot that was made to give life to an empty wasteland. After the nuclear impact caused by World War III, a war that only lasted 1 minute, FLoW3R is designed to give life to an empty field, with his arms shooting out grass and plant seeds wherever he goes. Although he is a part of the recovery act, he is a victim as well, losing parts of his legs during the initial blast and making him shorter. This has not stopped him from doing his job, however, and has instead utilized other means to his advantage and has learned to adapt. He was originally designed to work forever, but, due to the blast, it is unknown how long he will live. All he can do now is work to give the barren wasteland life until he is no longer able to.

The piece was created using a variation of modular design, which is dividing a work into similar smaller parts and then piecing them together. The arms were created using a lantern origami shape, the crown was made using origami leafs, and the legs were created using open rectangular boxes. The work has balance in that it is symmetrical. It also has rhythm in that the colors and patterns are the same on both sides.


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