The Senator


The government is a system of bureaucracy that is controlled tightly by elected and unelected officials who pull the strings of whoever they want for their interests. As a college student, I often hear many of my peers talk about politics and who they want to be elected to change the broken system. For my marionette, I wish to show that this reality is a pipe dream and, once the system becomes “fixed,” a new system will come into place that will refuse to give up the reins of power. They will just create a new generation of politicians to use as their own marionettes and the cycle will repeat as it has shown us in 1981 with the Republican Party and 1933 with the Democratic Party.

In Digital Media & Animation, we are trained to become animators and learn all sorts of different types of animation. I’ve become interested in stop motion animation, where three dimensional design is extremely important in order to have a solid finished product. I will have to build three dimensional sets and characters that will be manipulated frame by frame. This class is an important foundation to work I wish to do in my desired field.


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