3D Design Final

Figurative Sculpture:


This sculpture is figurative in that it is an almost exact shape of a duck.

Sculpture using primarily point, line and plane:


This piece was made using wire. It uses several points to create lines that ultimately form a triangle.

Sculpture using primarily rhythm and balance:


This piece uses primarily color to create a balance within itself and has a rhythm of grays and blues throughout it.

Sculpture using primarily volume:


This piece has much negative space inside of it, which gives it volume that adds to the hollowness of it.

Sculpture using primarily scale change:


This piece uses scale change in that it is made of of a glass ball that lights up to create large patterns inside of a tent.

An example of modular design:


This piece uses modular design in that it uses the same and similar shapes throughout it to create a larger shape.

Sculpture using space:


The sculpture uses space in that positive and negative space is used to bring the piece together.

Sculpture creating movement:


The piece creates movement in that it gives a feeling that it is going away from the center and will drift out into the abyss.

Sculpture using primarily color:


This sculpture used primary colors to give a childlike feeling and to bring back a feeling of nostalgia of when we were all kids, or of parents kids to those who have them.

Sculpture using primarily texture:


The sculpture uses texture in that it almost gives an impressionist feel to it and gives the sculpture life.

Sculpture using pattern:


This sculpture used a pattern of squares, rectangles, and colors to give life to what would otherwise be a circle.

Sculpture using primarily mixed media:


This sculpture was made using clay and wood to make it.

Sculpture primarily conceptual:


This sculpture was made using a concept of being a meat dress, to give the idea that we are all meat on the inside.

Sculpture using time and motion:


This sculpture consisted of a video playing in front of it, causing the boards to appear that they were moving with it and creating a feeling of unease.


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