Self Critique

Throughout the semester, I have been working to better myself as an animator.  Some of the biggest things that I need to work on is my spacing, timing, and use of ease in and out.  Although I feel that these have improved with each assignment, it still comes up as a problem area in one way or another in my animations and it’s something I really wish to get better on as I work towards my degree.  Another thing I need to improve on is my use of squash and stretch.  For the ball assignment, I used too much of it so I tried to use less of it as I progressed.  Unfortunately, I haven’t used enough of it in the subsequent projects and I hope to eventually find a middle ground where I can master it.  Although I had these problems, I feel as though I became a better animator as I took this class and will definitely take the skills that I learned into animations that I will do throughout my college career and into the work force.


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