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Color Matters: Intro to Color Theory

Ivy Stevens-Gupta held a lecture on Thursday, February 9th, in the Orvis Auditorium at Alfred State.  During her lecture, she talked about the psychological differences between colors and how to utilize these properties into art and design, as well as how she used these ideas into creating her works that are displayed currently in the Hinkle Library.  Ivy Stevens-Gupta got started as a business major at Alfred University and subsequently got a job working for a newspaper.  As newspapers began to die off in printed readership, she left and went back to school for marketing.  Currently, she teaches color theory and painting. Continue reading “Color Matters: Intro to Color Theory”

Artistic Ally Presentation

A genre of art that I am familiar with and work with constantly is glitch art.  Glitch art is made by taking computer glitches and transforming them into art.  One way that I often make this work is by placing an image file into the music editor, Audacity, adding effects to the image, and exporting the transformed file back into a JPEG.  Here are some examples of works I have created using this method.

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