Artistic Ally Presentation

A genre of art that I am familiar with and work with constantly is glitch art.  Glitch art is made by taking computer glitches and transforming them into art.  One way that I often make this work is by placing an image file into the music editor, Audacity, adding effects to the image, and exporting the transformed file back into a JPEG.  Here are some examples of works I have created using this method.




One artist that I take inspiration from and who I consider an “artistic ally” is Phillip Stearns.  He uses various methods of creating and distributing glitch art, ranging from using the Audacity method to creating making glitch textiles.  Here are some examples of his work from his project titled “Year of the Glitch.”  Started in 2012, his website describes the project as “a yearlong glitch-a-day project by Phillip Stearns exploring various manifestations of glitches (intentional and unintentional / staged and found) produced by (digital) electronic systems.”

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset



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