Sound Project

Days of the Week

This video as created to represent the days of the week and what they mean to me.  I wished to create a feeling of uneasiness and tension to the viewer as they watched and listened to it.  The sound was created by using Alchemy pads in Logic Pro X.

Mardi Gras

When I was young, I went to Mardi Gras and I had a terrible experience.  The city during the parade was loud, gross and dangerous.  I wanted to explore this state of dysphoria by the city and its relationship to the religious aspect of the holiday.


The sound design for this video was created with the video in mind that each number should have it’s own sound to it that relates to the movement it’s making.

Gimlet Logo

The sound design for the Gimlet logo I created and its loop was made with the idea of the viewer becoming calm as they watched it.  Not being calm can make the listener distracted from the programming so by keeping them engaged from the start, it increases odds of them becoming a returning viewer.


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