Daily Practice

I saw a tree

In the tree was a bird

Under the bird was a nest

In the nest was children

The children were screaming for their mother

Their mother came to feed them worms

The worms knew not of what was happening

I think I’m one of those worms


Sound Drawing 9/21


For this deep listening piece, I kept thinking of sound waves. I heard lots of different noises while it was “silent” and wanted to visualize it as a conflict between the waves. It made me think of what it really means to be silent and not hear anything at all.

Review Collection Installation

My group and I believe that our display was mainly about the aesthetics of what we found. For the table in the middle, we created a sort of fenced in area and utilized the negative space to make each piece stand out. We also had each object have a story to go along with it, as each piece we believed could stand on its own. I believe the main concept behind the piece was our collaboration as a group. Each person contributed to adding themselve into it and by having everything both separate and together at the same time, we are able to show each of ourselves in the display.

Daily Practice

I was driving to class this week one morning when I noticed the fog was very thick. It made me think about how in the beginning, everything seems fuzzy, but as you progress through whatever it is that you’re doing everything starts to become clear. It doesn’t matter what it is, an art piece you’re working on, a story you want to write, or even life, nothing is going to be clear at first. Eventually during my drive, the fog started to clear up and became the perfect metaphor that I was looking for that day. I wish I took a picture but that would’ve been reckless. Perhaps next time I will, but I don’t know if I actually will.