Demons are often described as evil spirits and are found in all kinds of media. In religions, such as Christianity, they are described as fallen angels that seek to wreak havoc.


Pattern and Layering


For this painting, I used patterns and colors to create something that pops out to the eye. I mixed different shades and intensities of the same color to bring them forward or to set them back. Lines in the painting separate them from other parts and bring about a feeling of layering.


9 Lives on a T-shirt


                                                   11″x8.5″, Adobe Photoshop, 2015


                  T-shirt, Lumi Printing Kit, 2015

Flow is how your eye moves across a page so that the viewer will see something in an order that you want it to and create a feeling of movement. In this design, there is strong vertical flow. I made the cat to be primary optical area of the design, with the text as a strong fallow area and my face to be a terminal area in the design. The cat represents my recklessness, with the text “9 Lives” supporting it. I placed a small image of myself underneath it to help show that this is who I am, which creates scale change and harmony. The white space in the design allows it to breath and not give the viewer too much to look at. After the design was created, I used my Lumi Printing Kit to place the image onto a t-shirt.

Structural Flow


                           Adobe Photoshop, 15″x20″, 2015

Flow is the way your eye moves as it examines a piece of art. For this poster, I attempted to create a flow that moves your eye from off the poster to the person in the middle. I made the person stand out in order to convey an idea of her not fitting in with her surroundings. The log in the center moves out of the frame and flows beyond it, giving it a personal feeling since everyone has felt like an outcast before.



One of the first art works in the gallery that caught my eye was Huang Yan’s “Painted Currency,” specifically the ten dollar bill. I’ve seen much painted and defaced currency before, but they are often pop culture references. Never before have I seen someone paint trees and birds onto a dollar bill. It makes me visualize what America means to me, such as the beautiful scenic views and diverse wildlife. Continue reading “Typology/Morphology”

Spacial Translation with Shapes


                                                                                                                                                                                         Adobe Photoshop, 24″x32″, 2015

Guns and hunting have important significance in my life. My family has owned a gun store for two generations, so I grew up around them. This is why for this project, I decided to use my grandfathers old clay pigeon thrower, which he used many times throughout his life to both practice hunting and to show others the joys of shooting guns even if you’re not hunting. Continue reading “Spacial Translation with Shapes”