Self Portrait


For my self portrait, I wanted to portray my general mood and feelings towards the world and life in general, which is usually bleak and dark. I usually describe myself as a very introverted person, and that, combined with my suffering from depression, gives me a feeling that I have to face the day with all that I can give. I gave it a black background to show myself getting swallowed by darkness as the shadows start to form around me. This is a very personal piece to me and I am very pleased in how successful I am in protraying myself.

I focused heavily on the contrast and the value change from the lights to the darks to give the portrait depth and make it three dimensional. I made much use out of the smudge sticks and shammies to blend in the charcoal and give it smooth transitions.

Self Portrait

IMG_0710         Self Portrait 9 15 adusted

In my self portrait, I attempted to recreate myself in a realistic way. I drew this using a charcoal ebony pencil on 11″x14″ #120 Bristol Vellum paper. I focused on using lines to recreate the lines in my hair and shading for the shadows on my face. I also attempted to draw lighter on the right side of my face in order to contrast the darker left side and to better represent the lighting.