Portfolio Website

Final Website


Experience Design Draft



HTML Draft


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Community – Max Patch

The ideas of the collective often get jumbled and the result of that is poor decision making.  In this interactive performance created using Cycling74 Max, I attempt to demonstrate this idea.  Using public domain videos from the C-Span archive, since politicians are by definition the personification of the collective of their respective district, state, or country, many different videos are mashed together into one. Continue reading

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Max Installation

People would grab a stick that would play a note that is mapped to the distance between a heartbeat.  It’s velocity would change based on the warmth of the user’s hands.  People would then walk around trying to find other’s who would make a chord or have the same note as them. Continue reading

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Portfolio Website Draft

Web Version


Mobile Version


Drafts of a portfolio website for myself.  They were created in Adobe Photoshop and arranged in Adobe XD.

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Sound Project

Days of the Week


This video as created to represent the days of the week and what they mean to me.  I wished to create a feeling of uneasiness and tension to the viewer as they watched and listened to it.  The sound was created by using Alchemy pads in Logic Pro X. Continue reading

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Motion Graphics with Audio



The countdown exercise and Gimlet motion graphic with audio.  Motion graphics were made in Adobe After Effects and audio was made in Logic Pro X.

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Javascript Website


A website created to demonstrate an understanding in Javascript, using primarily mouse movements to determine what will happen.  Please allow popups to achieve a full experience of the website.

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