Max Installation

People would grab a stick that would play a note that is mapped to the distance between a heartbeat.  It’s velocity would change based on the warmth of the user’s hands.  People would then walk around trying to find other’s who would make a chord or have the same note as them. Continue reading “Max Installation”


Artistic Ally Presentation

A genre of art that I am familiar with and work with constantly is glitch art.  Glitch art is made by taking computer glitches and transforming them into art.  One way that I often make this work is by placing an image file into the music editor, Audacity, adding effects to the image, and exporting the transformed file back into a JPEG.  Here are some examples of works I have created using this method.

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Peer Critique

In Michael Vok’s standing to sitting animation,  he need to work on applying squash and stretch to the character. The moment the character touches the chair, from the small of the back up to the head, it stops moving which gives the viewer the impression that the character is weightless. The hands of the character do not change from the stock Norman pose until they touch the chair. This was a poor choice in that it gives the impression that this was made in a rush and it makes the character look stiff. Despite these faults, he was able to achieve smooth animation without any awkward jumps in it. If these mistakes were to be corrected, this would be a strong piece of animation.